KPMG Zurich has been company auditor since the founding of Aduno Holding AG. The responsible and lead auditor has held this position since the 2019 financial year.

The fees of the Group auditor KPMG for services related to the audit of the annual financial statements of Aduno Holding AG and its subsidiaries and the consolidated financial statements of the Aduno Group amounted to CHF 0.8 million in the 2019 financial year (previous year: CHF 0.6 million). The Aduno Group also posted CHF 0.2 million for other services rendered by KPMG in the 2019 financial year (previous year: CHF 0.7 million). Of this, CHF 0.1 million fell to services in the tax area and CHF 0.1 million to auditing-related services.

The Audit & Risk Committee of the Board of Directors evaluates the performance, fees and independence of the external auditors and Group auditors every year and submits a proposal to the Board of Directors on which external auditors should be proposed for election to the Annual General Meeting. Every year, the Audit & Risk Committee also monitors the scope of the external audit, the audit plans and relevant procedures, and discusses the audit results with the external auditors.