The Consumer Finance division implemented several digital initiatives in 2017. The most important change is an entirely digital credit agreement that customers can conclude easily and securely on their computer or smartphone. In the Leasing segment, new strategic partnerships made for encouraging growth.

In the market for personal credit and leasing, a clear trend can be discerned towards digitisation and new digital services. That is not least a reaction to a market environment that remains highly competitive, spurring providers to differentiate their services and to improve their operational efficiency.

An active role is being played in shaping this digital transformation by cashgate. Today cashgate is accessed both through partners – such as banks, other intermediaries and car dealers – or directly through the branches, and increasingly online via the website or using a smartphone. Irrespective of the channel used, cashgate can offer customers its services in the areas where there is demand.

cashgate launches digital credit agreement

At the end of 2017, cashgate launched an entirely digital credit agreement. By means of video identification and a digital signature, customers can conclude an agreement straightforwardly online. The credit process is completely digital – covering both the application from the customer and the credit check and processing by cashgate.

The updated cashgate website also offers a number of new digital services for customers in the same way as a physical branch. For instance, customers can use advisory services or ask questions via chat and video chat facilities, use a simplified procedure to increase their current credit, book appointments online and notify changes of address.

New strategic partnerships in leasing

In the leasing segment, cashgate introduced new collaboration models in the year under review, which made possible acquisition of additional strategic partners, including an innovative car manufacturer. The stock vehicle financing arrangement for dealers introduced in the previous year fared well. This means that garage operators and importers can finance their stock of vehicles through cashgate. Thanks to these new collaboration models, cashgate posted very encouraging growth in new business and its existing portfolio, and significantly extended its market share in leasing.