The Aduno Group is the only enterprise in Switzerland that covers the entire range of cashless payment services. The integrated business model enables it to utilise synergies and generate added value for shareholders, partners and customers. The strategy of the Group sets the course for profitable growth.

True to its vision of being “the smart way to pay”, the Aduno Group offers its customers secure and easy cashless payments as well as private financing. It is a one-stop shop for all products and services required for cashless payment and credit financing, from credit card issuing (Issuing) and card acceptance (Acquiring) to payment terminals, personal credits, leasing and rental deposit guarantees.

The Aduno Group provides various services along the value chain of cashless payments and continuously seeks to expand them. Data analyses play a key role in its business model. Based on these data analyses, the Aduno Group implements, for example, the surprize rewards programme and services in the area of personal finance management. With the real-time scoring of transactions, the Aduno Group can recognise fraud patterns and thus prevent potential losses and fraud attempts.

Payment business

The Payment business comprises the complementary segments Issuing and Acquiring. Viseca is one of the largest issuers of credit and PrePaid cards in Switzerland. As Acquirer, Aduno is responsible for the acceptance of electronic payments and the handling processes of the payment terminals at the point of sale. The Payment business also includes AdunoKaution and SmartCaution, which is active in the guarantee deposit business, Vibbek AG, which specialises in software development for card payments, and stakes in Contovista AG, which is specialised in Personal Finance Management, Accarda AG, which implements card-based customer loyalty programmes, as well as in SwissWallet AG, which develops digital payment solutions.

Consumer Finance business

The Consumer Finance division contains the personal credit and leasing business of cashgate. As a partner for renowned Swiss banks, cashgate has the densest sales network in Switzerland with around 1,400 partner banks as points of sale for personal credits. The company’s own branch offices in Geneva, Langenthal, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, St.Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich round off the sales network.

Success factors drive future growth

Based on market trends and its own strengths, the Aduno Group has determined the success factors that will drive its future growth. As an expert in payment processing, the Aduno Group will benefit from the growth in digital payments. Here it can draw on its expertise in data analysis combined with the interplay of the Payment and Consumer Finance divisions. The intelligent utilisation of data – taking account of stringent data protection requirements – enables it to increase the added value of using the card for both customers and merchants. Customers receive more and better services and greater security. Merchants benefit from target-group-specific marketing tools that exert a positive effect directly on earnings and indirectly on card revenues.

The strategy for profitable growth

Based on the success factors, the Aduno Group has defined its strategy for profitable growth until 2018. The strategy comprises three interrelated stages of development that will not be implemented in chronological order but instead synchronised with one another:

  • Strengthen the core: Strengthen the core business.
    With its core business, the Aduno Group has a stable baseline. Both the cards business and the personal credit and leasing business as well as deposit guarantees aim for solid organic growth and deliver regular earnings. The Aduno Group will further strengthen its core business in a systematic manner, for example by promoting online sales, increasing its distribution collaboration with partner banks and carrying out measures to align processes and guidelines with bank standards.

  • Extend the core: Extend the core business on the basis of the core competencies.
    At the second level, the Aduno Group is launching new products and services to expand its existing Payment and Consumer Finance business. In addition, the market penetration rate will be increased and new markets and customer groups will be tapped. This will be done by, for example, expanding card penetration among partner banks or taking on additional credit portfolios in the Consumer Finance business.

  • Beyond the core: Develop the core business into the future and establish new core competencies.
    At the third level, the Aduno Group will continuously develop new digital services and business models for consumers, merchants and partners – based on its core business as well as its core competencies: payment, consumer finance and data analytics. Examples of this are VisecaOne and Viseca Masterpass, which makes paying for online purchases more secure, quicker and easier.

Structure of the Aduno Group